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Harold E. Trease, Ph.D.


Harold Trease
Harold Trease

Dr. Trease joined the staff at PNNL in February 2000. His research focus is computational physics. He has 20 years of experience in hybrid mesh generation, multiscale hydrodynamics and transport, computational geometry, numerical methods, and the computer science of massively parallel machines.

For his doctoral research, Dr. Trease wrote a two-dimensional version of a Free-Lagrange hydrodynamics code. After receiving his Ph.D., he immediately began writing a three-dimensional version of a Free-Lagrange hydrodynamics code to model the high speed, distorted fluid flows (including shock wave physics, high velocity impact dynamics, instability growth, etc.). It is important to appreciate that this >1M line-code was designed to be 3D and to be fully parallelized from its inception. This project has reached its goal with several design groups now using the code successfully as a design analysis tool.

He has applied the unstructured mesh generation algorithms from his Free-Lagrange code to several application areas. These include building meshes for the Yucca Mountain Project, the Microelectronics CRADA (his code is being used exclusively by Intel to model metallic deposition onto silica), and the USCAR automotive CRADA. He has also built ocean hydrodynamics, ocean-mixing circulation, atmospheric circulation physics, and molecular chemistry models. He has served as a consultant on high performance computing and computer development to Silicon Graphics, Cray Research, Thinking Machines, Intel, Motorola, Lucent Technologies, and IBM.


  • Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, University of Illinois, 1981


  • PNNL Outstanding Performance Award for Funding of the proposal "Environmental Sensing, Metabolic Response, and Regulatory Networks in the Respiratory Versatile Bacterium Shewanella oneidensis MR-1" under DOE-OBER's new Microbial Cell Program

Selected Publications

Corley RA, HE Trease, K Minard, DN Rommereim, JS Kimbell, CG Plopper, and C Timchalk. 2002. "New technologies in the development of three-dimensional computational fluid dynamic models of the mammalian respiratory tract for studying the health implications of airborne pollutants." Toxicol. Sci. 66, (1-S), 1658.

Kuprat A, D George, E Linnebur, RK Smith, and HE Trease. 1998. "Moving Adaptive Unstructured 3-D Meshes in Semiconductor Process Modeling Applications." VLSI Journal 6(1-4):373-378, LA-UR-961116.

Khamayseh A, A Kuprat, and HE Trease. "Anisotropic Smoothing and Solution Adaptation for Unstructured Grids." International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering. LA-UR-95-2205.

Zyvoloski G, L Auer, J Dendy, K Eggert, C Gable, S Kelkar, R Kendall, J Killough, S Kocberber, and HE Trease. 1996. "High Performance Computing for Domestic Petroleum Reservoir Simulation." LA-UR-96-1769.

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