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Joel G. Pounds, Ph.D.


Joel Pounds
Joel Pounds

Dr. Joel Pounds is a Senior Staff Scientist in Cell Biology & Biochemistry, Biological Sciences Division and Science Advisor to the Environmental Biomarkers Initiative at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland , WA . Dr. Pounds has directed research programs in government (National Center for Toxicological research, 1977-1985); National Laboratories (Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1985-1990), and Academia (Wayne State University, 1990-1999). He has focused his research on the cellular and molecular toxicity of lead and other metals, metal-metal interaction, and mathematical modeling of the response to metal mixtures. Dr. Pounds' current research includes use of mass-spectrometry based proteomic and NMR-based metabonomic instrumentation for characterization of biological responses of pulmonary disease in humans and in experimental animals, including response to engineered nanomaterials.


  • Ph.D, Environmental Toxicology, University of Wisconsin, 1977
  • M.S., Environmental Toxicology, University of Wisconsin, 1973
  • B.A., Zoology and Chemistry, Olivet Nazarene College, 1971

Honors and Awards

  • Appointed to the Canada Research Chairs' College of Reviewers
  • Research and Development Magazines R&D 100 Award (1988). For development of X-Ray Microscope using Synchrotron Radiation (shared with three Brookhaven National Laboratory scientists).

Selected Publications

Waters KM, Pounds JG, and Thrall BD. (2006) "Data Merging for Integrated Microarray and Proteomic Analysis." Briefings in Functional Genomics and Proteomics (in press).

Adkins JN, Monroe ME, Auberry KJ, Shen Y, Jacobs JM, Camp DG III, Vitzthum F, Rodland K, Smith RD, and Pounds JG. (2005). "A Proteomic Study of HUPO's Plasma Proteome Project Pilot Samples using an Accurate Mass and Time Tag Strategy." Proteomics. 5:3454-3466.

Omenn GS, States DJ, Adamski M, Blackwell TW, Menon R, Hermjakob H, Apweiler R, Haab BB, Simpson RJ, Eddes JS, Kapp EA, Moritz RL, Chan DW, Rai AJ, Admon A, Aebersold R, Eng J, Hancock WS, Hefta SA, Meyer H, Paik Y-K, Yoo J-S, Ping P, Pounds JG, Adkins J, Qian X, Wang R, Wu CY, Zhao X, Zeng R, Archakov A, Tsugita A, Beer I, Pandey A, Pisano M, Andrews P, Tammen H, Speicher DW, and Hanash SM. (2005). "Overview of the HUPO Plasma Proteome Project: Results from the pilot phase with 35 collaborating laboratories and multiple analytical groups, generating a core dataset of 3020 proteins and a publicly-available database." Proteomics. 5:3226-3245.

Webb-Robertson B-J, Lowry DF, Jarman KH, Harbo SJ, Meng QR, Fuciarelli AF, Pounds JG, and Lee KM. (2005). "A Study of Spectral Integration and Normalization in NMR-based Metabonomic Analyses." Biometrics. J Pharm Biomed Anal. 39:830-836.

Pounds JG, Haider J, Chen DG, and Mumtaz M. (2004). "Interactive Toxicity of Simple Chemical Mixtures of Cadmium, Mercury, Methylmercury and Trimethyltin: Model-dependent Responses." Environ. Toxicol. Pharmacol. 18:101-11.

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