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Marianne Sowa, Ph.D.


Marianne Sowa
Marianne Sowa
  • Effects of ionizing radiation on cells and tissues
  • Oxidative stress responses in cellular monocultures
  • DNA damage and repair
  • Opitical microscopy and device integration


  • Ph.D, Physical Chemistry, State University of New York, Stony Brook, 1994
  • B.S., Biology, Spring Hill college, Mobile AL, 1989

Selected Publications

Sowa MB, Murphy MK, Miller, JH, McDonald JC, Strom, DJ and Kimmer GA. (2005). "A Variable-Energy Electron Microbeam: A Unique Modality for Targeted Low-LET Radiation." Rad Res vol 164( 5):695–700.

Sowa Resat MB and WF Morgan. 2004. "Microbeam Developments and Applications: A Low Linear Energy Transfer Perspective." Cancer and Metastasis Reviews 23(3-4):323-331.

Sowa Resat MB and WF Morgan. 2004. "Radiation-Induced Genomic Instability: A Role for Secreted Soluble Factors in Communicating the Radiation Response to Non-Irradiated Cells." Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 92(5):1013-1019.

Perrine K, Hopkins DF, LaMarche B, and Sowa MB. (2005). "Getting the Pixels in Line: A Real-time Image Processing System for Biology." Scientific Computing October, 16-20.

WF Morgan and MB Sowa. 2005. "Effects of Ionizing Radiation in nonirradiated cells." Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 102, 14127-14128.

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