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Dehong Hu


Dehong Hu
Dehong Hu
  • Single molecule spectroscopy
  • Near-field scanning optical microscopy and atomic force microscopy
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Minnesota, 1999
  • M.S., Chemistry, Peking University, 1994
  • B.S., Chemistry, Peking University, 1991

Professional Societies

  • American Chemical Society
  • Biophysical Society

Selected Publications

Hu D, Z Tian, W Wu, W Wan, and AD Li. 2008. "Photoswitchable Nanoparticles Enable High-Resolution Cell Imaging: PULSAR Microscopy." Journal of the American Chemical Society 130(46):15279-15281.

Orr G, D Hu, S Özçelik, LK Opresko, HS Wiley, and SD Colson. 2005. "Cholesterol Dictates the Freedom of EGF Receptors and HER2 in the plane of the membrane." Biophysical Journal 89 1362-73.

Hu D, J Yu, K Wong, B Bagchi, PJ Rossky, and PF Barbara. 2000. "Collapse of stiff conjugated polymers with chemical defects into ordered, cylindrical conformations." Nature 4051030-33.

Yu J, D Hu, and PF Barbara. 2000. "Unmasking electronic energy transfer of conjugated polymers by suppression of O-2 quenching." Science 289 1327-30.

Vandenbout DA, WT Yip, D Hu, DK Fu, TM Swager, and PF Barbara. 1997. "Discrete Intensity Jumps and Intramolecular Electronic Energy Transfer In the Spectroscopy Of Single Conjugated Polymer Molecules." Science 277 1074-77.

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