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Cheryl Baird, Ph.D.


Cheryl Baird
Cheryl Baird

Dr. Baird's research centers on the development and application of novel protein-based affinity reagents for use in diagnostics, biodetection, proteomics, and systems biology research. Her current research extends PNNL's pioneering work in developing a system for selecting antibody derived affinity reagents using yeast display and a naive library of 109 human antibody scFv fragments. Present research interests include the generation of new selection libraries and protein scaffolds, as well as demonstrating the utility of affinity reagents in assays such as ELISAs, protein microarrays, and novel detection platforms.

Dr. Baird's previous pursuits involved developing label-free detection technologies and applications for high throughput molecular interaction screening at SRU Biosystems.


  • Postdoc., Center for Biomolecular Interaction Analysis, University of Utah, 2000-2001
  • Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Utah , 2000
  • B.S., Biology, The College of New Jersey , 1995


  • Protein engineering and design
  • Biomarker discovery and detection
  • Biosensor development
  • Protein interaction analysis

Selected Publications

Boschek CB, DO Apiyo, TA Soares, HE Engelmann, N Pefaur, TP Straatsma, and CL Baird. 2009. "Engineering an ultra-stable affinity reagent based on Top7." Protein Engineering, Design & Selection 22(5):325-332.

Miller KD, NB Pefaur, and CL Baird. 2008. "Construction and Screening of Antigen Targeted Immune Yeast Surface Display Antibody Libraries." Curr. Protocols in Cytometry, Supplement 45, 4.7.1-4.7.30.

Seurynck-Servoss SL, CL Baird, KD Miller, NP Pefaur, DA Apiyo, HE Engelmann, S Srivastava, J Kagan, KD Rodland, and RC Zangar. 2008. "Immobilization strategies for single-chain antibody microarrays." Proteomics, 8 (11), 2199-2210.

Seurynck-Servoss SL, AM White, CL Baird, KD Rodland, and RC Zangar. 2007. "Evaluations of Surface Chemistries for antibody microarrays." Analytical Biochemistry, 371, 105-115.

Seurynck-Servoss SL, CL Baird, KD Rodland, and RC Zangar. 2007. "Surface chemistries for antibody microarrays." Fronteirs in Bioscience 12, 3956-64.

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