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Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson, Principal Investigator

The abilities to detect, quantify, and model biologically significant molecules are important for studying basic biological function. These abilities are also important for a wide variety of practical applications, which include assessing microbial health at bioremediation sites, detecting pathogenic microbes released as a biothreats, and developing clinical assays of biomarkers for infection or disease. The Bioanalytics study at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) focuses on specific aspects of the biomolecular detection and analysis problem. Three projects support the Bioanalytics study and address three areas of emphasis:

  • developing affinity reagents and assays
  • using gene expression arrays to indicate metabolic status and infer regulatory networks
  • building computational analysis tools and infrastructure to interpret data and to identify changes in gene or protein expression that may indicate biomarkers.

Bioanalytics Supports Three Projects

The following projects are designed to create an integrated framework that includes databases and the visual analytic and database query tools necessary for rapid and efficient interpretation of data.

Systems Biology at PNNL

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Bioanalytics Projects

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