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Filtration/Separation Equipment

Continuous Flow Centrifuge

Image of the Viafuge Pilot
Continuous flow centrifuge. Photo courtesy of Colloidal Science Lab., Inc.

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) use the benchtop continuous flow centrifuge separation system. It is used for downstream processing and is designed for fast, gentle, cell harvesting and supernatant recovery. Capable of separating a wide variety of cells, with no damage, the ViaFuge Pilot offers intact cell recovery efficiencies in excess of 99% with non-detectable cell concentrations in clarified supernatant. Up to 60 liters per hour centrifugation speeds will handle the processing of large bioreactors in the Microbial Cell Dynamics Laboratory (MCDL). It is also used as an in-line suspended cell removal system for continuous biofilm growth systems.

Visit the Manufacturer's Website for more detailed specifications.

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