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Biofilm Reactors

Continuous Regrowth Barrel-Type Biofilm Reactor

Continuous regrowth barrel-type biofilm reactor. Photo courtesy of Biosurface Technologies Inc.

This biofilm annular reactor was custom designed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) staff and Biosurface Technologies Inc. to provide a biofilm reactor amenable to in situ microscopy. The stainless steel stationary outer cylinder has been adapted with microscope objective holders to allow direct observations of the biofilm growing on slides attached to a rotating inner cylinder. By using bacteria which express green fluorescent protein (gfp), real-time in situ investigations of gene expression within biofilms can be achieved. In addition, sampling protocols have been developed for coupon sampling and analysis to evaluate the biofilm by other developmental (cryo-sectioning, MAS-NMR, and Ultrasound) and traditional technologies (total cell counts, viable cells, and cellular activity levels) within the biofilm.

Visit the Biosurface Technologies Website for more information.

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