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Cultivation and Processing Equipment

The NBS BioFlo 5000 Bioreactor
PNNL’s mobile pilot plant fermentor.

90-Liter SIP Bioreactor

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's (PNNL's) mobile pilot plant fermentor has a 90-liter capacity and is currently used for numerous projects in the Microbial Cell Dynamics Laboratory (MCDL) to generate large batches of cells and cell products such as outer-membrane vesicles. Once grown, the material is processed by tangential flow filtration and/or continuous flow centrifugation to further purify for analysis. It is completely sterilizable in place and allows the end user to precisely control the growth of cultures to produce high quality samples.

The software provides microprocessor control of six process loops: D.O., pH, temperature, agitation, turbidity, nutrient feed, and sterilization. The entire process is computer-controlled with real-time remote access capabilites while the data is logged for analysis.

Visit the Manufacturer's Website for more detailed specifications.

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The 90-Liter SIP Bioreactor software provides microprocessor control of six process loops.

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